We are your one stop source for Recording, Voice Over, Mix Engineering, Music Production and SO MUCH MORE!

Frequency Development Studio is a multifaceted production studio. We offer audio excellence, superior products and memorable experiences. With our long list of experience and tools, we have attained audiophile results that our clients have been extremely satisfied with.
  We love cutting edge digital sound JUST as much as analog sound. Our studio can record digitally and to tape simultaneously, blending the best of both worlds. We have a well rounded selection of digital gear as well as our analog go-to gear. We simply can't get away from warm glowing tubes and gritty tape.

Our Studio provides a creative and comfortable atmosphere. Clients have felt very relaxed when recording. This has attributed directly to more successful tracking on the first take.
If you have already recorded tracks we can give them a professional mix.
Please visit our services page for a list of services.

Are you trying to take the next step from hobbyist? Get pro mix engineer lessons. Our training sessions are custom tailored to your skill level and are essential to a great product. You will learn in an actual professional studio environment. Hone your skills. Contact us today to sign up.

Studio Design Consultant:
 It's true, the new wave of home studio building has never been higher. If you are thinking about building you own project or professional studio we offer consultant services for studio design. We can maximize your dollar value with alternative solutions with building materials, sound and equipment. Keith has built 6 recording studios from pro caliber to project and has gone through extensive research on even the finest of details.

The Frequency Development Studio is a GREEN facility. We use energy conscious lighting equipment. We illuminate our entire facility by LED (approximately 40 light fixtures). They consume about 340 watts of power. If we were to use traditional incandecents it would yield 3000 watts! We also use low water consumption fixtures as well. We are striving to do our part to lower our carbon footprint and use of fresh water.