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Frequency Development Studio


“Frequency Development Studio provides a creative and comfortable atmosphere. Clients have felt relaxed when recording. This has attributed to successful tracking on the first take.”

  • Audio Training
  • Mix Engineering
  • Video Production
  • Voice Over
  • Studio Design Consultant
  • Music Production
  • Venue Recording
  • Studio Recording

Best value For service

Are your Tubes up to the task?

 Frequency Development Studio has a VACUUM TUBE TESTER. Yes, we are one of the VERY FEW studios, nationally, to have such equipment. We can test almost ALL types of vacuum tubes. We stock a variety of new-old stock tubes. 

Your one stop source for Mix engineering

 Frequency Development Studio is a multifaceted production studio offering audio excellence, superior products, stellar sound and memorable experiences. Our experience and tools, we have attained audiophile results that our clients have been extremely satisfied with. We can sculpt sound to your specific goals with our HD Accel rig and long list of heavy-weight names in plug-ins.

We love our digital gear as well as our racks full of analog gear. We have plenty of tubes and tape to get the grit back in the mix.


Already recorded your music ?

 Frequency Development Studio understands that at some levels, its more economically responsible to record tracks outside the studio. When your ready, we can mix your existing tracks to reach their full sonic potential.

We are green

 Frequency Development Studio is a green facility. We use energy conscious lighting products. We illuminate our whole facility with LED lighting. We use low water consumption and grey water usage plumbing fixtures. We are striving to do our part and lower our carbon footprint and use of fresh water.